Counseling services for new procurement
  • Technical specifications / design
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Connection to the power grid
  • Assessment of offers / support in the drafting of contracts
  • Manufacturing supervision / interim acceptance tests
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) / Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

Assessment of existing transformers
  • Substance quantification and evaluation
  • Condition assessment
  • Life Management
  • Preservation

Transformer Populations Management (TPM)
  • Quantification of the population members' remaining substance
  • Planning of the TPM schedule
  • Introduction of the TPM measures
  • Monitoring and support of the TPM measures.
  • Implementation of preservative measures.

User seminars and in-house training courses for transformer users.
  • Condition assessment.
  • Ageing assessment.
  • Preservation planning.
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