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M.Sc.(EE) Georg Daemisch has been working in the transformers sector for more than 30 years. After working for several renowned manufacturers on generally international missions, he decided in the 90s of the previous century to pioneer the field of overaged transformers. Based on the general problem of moisture-logging in overaged oil-cellulose systems, he was instrumental in developing an understanding of the entire complex ageing process of these systems and for continuing the development towards a holistic population management.

The experience gained from these projects are continuously added to the overall expertise and developed further for the customer's benefit.

DTC will be happy to carry out the following services for your population:

- Remaining substance assessment
- Remaining life assessment
- Development of preservation strategies
- Load tolerance capability studies
- Sustainability analysis
- Health care assessment
- Health care planning
- (Re-)investment assessment
- Life cycle optimization

As far as the individual features of this strategy are concerned, such as e.g. the load capability analysis, DTC has once again played a pioneering role, and is a unique supplier with a holistic view of transformers based on: More than 30 years of experience in energy technology, specifically transformers from premier addresses such as Siemens, AEG, BBC (ABB), and MR.

15 years of experience as an independent enterprise serving both utility companies and the industry in general.
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