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M.Sc.(EE) Georg Daemisch has been working in the transformers sector for more than 30 years. After working for several renowned manufacturers on generally international missions, he decided in the 90s of the previous century to pioneer the field of overaged transformers. Based on the general problem of moisture-logging in overaged oil-cellulose systems, he was instrumental in developing an understanding of the entire complex ageing process of these systems and for continuing the development towards a holistic population management.

Selection of the appropriate standards. Selection of the optimized technology for the specific application at hand. Preparation of the technical specification. Counseling services for the selection of the adequate temperature rise. Selection of the cooling method (fans, pumps). Necessary auxiliary equipment such as e.g. appropriate sampling cocks, correct settings for cooling systems.

Current remaining-life assessment, life cycle cost assessment/reduction/optimization. Population management, preservation strategies, sustainability analyses. Optimized exploitation strategies. Reinvestment planning. Fault analyses. Forensics for scrapping or failure assessments. Consulting services for repair issues. Long-term improved application concepts.
A pioneering holistic study of transformer populations first developed DTC and aimed at dovetailing security of supply and operational safety with minimized costs and expenses. Using the data gained from the existing transformers available for assessment, the data collection – data analysis – diagnosis – therapy chain is implemented as a homogeneous system.

In its capacity as an independent provider of counseling services, DTC is also happy to share the wealth of its knowledge and expertise with the users with the aim of providing transformer operators with the "tools" necessary for making sound and sensible decisions, developing optimized maintenance strategies, and hence optimized costs without any losses in terms of security of supply or operational safety.

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